Animal Shelves

Any kind of animal shelves. You can even bring your own photos.

Shelves with animal images

Colorful Kindergarten Chairs


Dining Tables and Benches


Duck Bookshelf

Duck Bookshelf

Kindergarten Furniture – Nairobi International School

Kindergarten Furniture - Nairobi Int School

Kindergarten shelves

Kindergarten Shelves Image

All kinds of Bookshelves, Toys boxes ..

Kindergarten Sofas

Kindergarten Sofas Image

easy to clean fabric.

Kindergarten Table and Chairs

Images of Kindergarten Table and Chairs

Safe – no sharp edges, Colorful, Durable. All Wood or with steel frame.

Kindergarten Wooden Chairs

Colorful Kindergarten Wooden Chairs

Any Color Combinations. Rounded smooth corners for safety

Kindergarten Wooden Stool

Cute Kindergarten Wooden Stool Image

Multi-Purpose Stool

Multi-purpose Round Stool

Open Stackable Containers

Open Stackable Containers Image

Round Kindergarten Table

Round Kindergarten Table Image

Some More Kindergarten Furniture

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Wooden Trapezoidal Table

Wooden Hexagonal Table Image

With Formica Top or painted